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375P Polyester


Replacement Filter You can review the specification and details of the Solberg 375P Polyester Replacement Filter 375P Polyester below. To get a quotation, please fill in the online quotation form. One of our staff will respond your request as soon as possible.

  • Product Details
    Product Description

    Solberg Polyester 375P Filter Element with Prefilter
    Element Rating: 1500 SCFM
    Surface Area ft2: 28
    Inner Diameter: 8
    Outer Diameter: 11 3/4
    Height: 14 1/2
    Endcap: Galvanized metal endcaps with neoprene gaskets on open end(s)
    Filtration: Polyester, 99%+ removal efficiency to 5 micron
    Temp (continuous): min -26F (-15C), max 220F (104C)
    Filter change out differential: 15-20 H2O over initial P

    Solberg Filter Element Features
    Pleated media for high dirt holding capacity
    Reinforced with epoxy coated steel wire on both sides of cloth
    40 50% increased dust loading capacity with prefilter (part number suffix P)
    Optimal surface area per given size

    Polyester Media Benefits
    Washable with lukewarm water & mild detergent
    Less maintenance due to longer durability
    Moisture resistant
    Handles hot air and oil mist from unload cycle of reciprocating/piston compressor

    Cleaning Solberg Filter Elements

    Solberg filter elements should be cleaned or replaced once the pressure drop reaches 10 to 15-inches water column (250 380mm WC) above the initial pressure drop of the installation. Please note that the overall performance of a filter element is altered once cleaned; the initial pressure drop after cleaning will be greater than the original, clean pressure drop of the element. After each subsequent cleaning, the initial pressure drop will continue to increase. Under all circumstances, the initial pressure drop of the element needs to be maintained at less than 15-inches water column (380mm WC). Cleaned elements that exceed 15-inches water column (380mm WC) at start-up should be replaced with new elements.

    • Paper Element: The paper element may be lightly blown with low pressure air. It is disposable and in most cases should be replaced with a new element.
    • Polyester Element: The polyester element may be washed in warm soapy water, vacuumed, gently blown out or replaced. Use a mild detergent like Dawn liquid soap. The element should be completely dry before reinstallation. The element should be replaced after a maximum of three cleanings.
    • Polyurethane Prefilter: The prefilter may be washed as a sponge or replaced to give the element a longer service life.
    • Epoxy Coated Wire Mesh and Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Elements: Cleaning instructions similar to polyester, except mild solvents may be used.
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