Holmatro Industrial Tools

16 March 2022 @ General
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Holmatro Industrial Tools

The extensive product range of Holmatro Industrial Tools contains a large number of high-pressure hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical tools. The assortment of Industrial Tools includes hydraulic cylinders, hand tools, hydraulic pumps, mechanical tools, lifting bags and system components. All tools are designed for generating and controlling precision power in various industrial applications, such as shipbuilding, heavy transport, maintenance, petrochemical, offshore, construction & installation, mining and civil engineering.

Below is our range of hydraulic tools, as well as our range of pneumatic and mechanical tools. Are you looking for more complex or 'made-to-measure' hydraulic systems based on hydraulics? Take a look at our range of Industrial Solutions.

Hydraulic Pumps

Hydraulic Cylinders

Mechanical Jacks

Systems Components

A) Hydraulic Pumps

Holmatro has different types of hydraulic pumps in the program. Look below for the complete offer of pumps and discover our new innovative hand pumps, among others. Nowhere will you find such a robust and compact construction which is service and maintenance friendly and combines a low applied operating force with a high oil output. Do you work with bigger or heavier hydraulic tools? Then review our motor pumps (Vari pumps).

Hand Pumps

Vari Pumps

Air Pumps

Petrol Pumps

Holmatro Hand Pumps

The pump is ergonomically designed, has a robust, compact construction, is service- and maintenance-friendly and combines a low operating force with a high oil output. This all combined with a range of handy features makes this pump a worthwhile asset for you and your tools. This pump is ideal when you are working with a wide range of hydraulic tools and you want to profit from a very high oil output both in the first stage (up to 45 bar) and in the second stage (720 bar). Optionally the pump can be equipped with a double action valve for use with double action tools.


The Holmatro product range includes over 200 different hydraulic cylinders (jacks) in different types and 3 different return types. See cylinders for the complete range hydraulic cylinders.

a)Spring Return

b)Hydraulic Return

c)Gravity Return

Holmatro cylinders always made Dynamic test which is always more safely way to test complete cylinders.

When you’re working with any brand of hydraulic equipment it’s important to test the tools on a regular basis to prevent failure and dangerous situations. Make sure a qualified service provider that has trained technicians and uses proper testing equipment does the job.

Working with 720 bar is not to be taken lightly. Be inspired by the Holmatro Testteam and you will be aware of the risks.


Holmatro's extensive range of mechanical tools is produced to withstand tough operating conditions over long periods. The sustainable cast iron construction makes the tools and Journal Jacks suitable for use during welding work and for use under water. Despite these rough conditions, the tools are extremely maintenance-friendly.

The aluminium mechanical jacks are compact and lightweight. The ball bearings usually used under the ratchet mechanism have been replaced by a special sliding pad. This results in a particularly supple movement of the plunger and a lower closed height of the jacks and makes them extremely suitable for applications in which the space available is restricted.

Mechanical jacks with a lifting capacity of 10 to 100 tonnes and a stroke varying from 125 to 350 mm. The jacks are made of cast iron and are resistant to continuous heavy operating conditions like shipbuilding, bridge works and civil construction works. Holmatro's Journal Jacks can be used close to welding works and under water.

Besides cast iron mechanical jacks, Holmatro also offers aluminium mechanical jacks. These compact and light-weight cilinders have a lifting capacity from 10 to 25 tonnes and a stroke varying from 80 to 100 mm. See below for the entire assortiment.


Holmatro has different system components and accessories in the program. Look below for the complete offer of components and accessories suitable for high-pressure hydraulic tools.

  1. a) Hoses
  2. b) Couplers
  3. c) Gauge Sets
  4. d) Manifolds and dividers
  5. e) Valve Blocks
  6. f) Oils
  7. g) Acessories hydraulics
  8. h) SAsembly materials.

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