Hauber Vibration Sensors

14 June 2022 @ General
Kraftindustrie Employee

The high vibration levels of the machines in the industries cause damage to the machines and performance problems.

Turbines, mills, vibratory feeders, fans, centrifuges, pumps and cooling towers operating in vibration-prone environments are likely to be damaged. Vibration sensors are of great importance in order to prevent possible damage beforehand. By monitoring the vibration speed and acceleration, you can prevent possible damage costs.
HAUBER-Elektronik manufactures high-standard sensors to control vibration quantities at different frequencies and measurement levels.

A control unit and vibration sensor to be integrated into the system will shut down the system in case of excessive vibration and prevent possible damage. Thus, repair costs are avoided. An uninterrupted production process is guaranteed.


Hauber vibration sensors for different needs
Hauber Vibration Sensors

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